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Erin Hanafy

I am a strategic storyteller

Award-winning editorial leader with experience building content and messaging strategies from the ground up. Interested in: food, wellness, and travel; entrepreneurs and leadership; global markets.

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Plus factor women outdoors article

Why a new generation of backpack-toting, badass women are hitting the trails

Forget glamping—these female crews are going no-frills and finding freedom from everyday stress in the great outdoors.

Femtech featured article

Why this is the year of femtech

From period trackers to vibrators, sexual health is getting a next-gen, women-centric makeover.

Preservatives in beauty article

Why "100% preservative-free" on your beauty label could be a red flag

In the wake of the great escape from parabens, it's getting a little confusing out there.

Alissa wagner dimes stonyfield1 article

Dimes chef Alissa Wagner dishes on her long love affair with dairy

The co-owner of the downtown chic healthy eating mecca in New York City is all about yogurt (grass-fed, of course), as she explains in this native content post with Stonyfield Organic.

Bedroom article

How to give your home an energetic makeover

Healthy Home Tour: High-vibe design secrets from a crystal-obsessed creative duo.

Good travel mndfl founders article

Good Travel

In this native content series with EVEN Hotels, the wellness world’s road warriors share their secret healthy travel hacks—and exactly how (and where) they figured them out.

Interior karyn starr feature article

How to create a sacred (yet very livable) space

Healthy Home Tour: A Brooklyn stylist's effortlessly glam, high-vibe oasis.

Womens march w g article

Why the Women’s March was really a giant vision board

And how that might end up being more powerful than a traditional protest.

Kiran gandhi3 article

Kiran Gandhi—the menstrual badass of the London Marathon—speaks out

There's much more to the activist-musician than just the free-bleeding run that made her famous.

Suja hub article

Juicy Transformations

In this native content series with Suja Juice, six readers who argued best that they needed a "juice intervention" got a week’s supply of handcrafted, cold-pressured organic juice. Here are their stories.

Urban jungle featured article

This New York City apartment is the definition of #gardengoals

Model Summer Rayne Oakes opens up her bursting-with-life apartment to us, and shares tips on starting your own urban jungle.

Mercury retrograde2 article

Why Mercury retrograde can actually be a good thing

Five reasons we should celebrate it—not blame it for everything that goes wrong.

Mothers day without mom article

How to celebrate Mother's Day when you've lost your mom

When your mom has passed away, Mother's Day is a whole other thing. Our editor shares her story and taps an expert for tips.

Regular bra workout article

In defense of working out in a regular bra

Just because it's in the sporty section, doesn't mean it's better for all ladies.

Alchemists kitchen main article

Are herbal elixir tastings the new wine tastings?

The Alchemist's Kitchen thinks so. Here's a drink-by-drink guide to the state-changing (and tongue-numbing) journey offered monthly at the new apothecary-café-event space in New York City's East Village.